WorldWise is a high-interest informational literacy program.

WorldWise books provide students with gradually increasing challenges. At each level, 24 titles cover natural, physical, and earth science, as well as social studies topics relevant to the grade level curriculum standards.

WorldWise texts introduce and revisit themes and concepts across the reading stages and build on initial concepts with increasing complexity.

WorldWise features:

  • Content that will immediately engage your students
  • Graphic devices and striking photographs to support the content
  • Research opportunities with Find Out More and Think About

Lesson Plan Cards

  • Provide practical, systematic, and easy-to-implement instructional plans
  • Integrate oral language, comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency, and writing
  • Include ongoing assessment and follow-up activities

Each laminated, multi-page card identifies:

  • Specific links to ELA state standards
  • Specific links to one or more NGSS or C3 Standards.

Formative Assessment

Web-based Assessment supports the resource and measures students’ understanding of:

  • Main Idea (ability to synthesise what they’ve read)
  • Graphical Devices (ability to interpret information in graphs, charts, maps, etc.)
  • Vocabulary (ability to infer the meaning of vocabulary in context).

Six assessments are provided for each grade level, allowing for a pre- and post-reading test at each developmental reading level. 

WorldWise Investigations

Web-based Investigations provides extension activities for titles in the program. Encourage exploration of content linked to curriculum outcomes in a deeper more hands-on way. Students are supported with a framework that encourages investigation and inquiry.