Fluent Reading Stage

Levels K-M / 20-28

Texts at this stage:

  • Provide language structures of appropriate complexity
  • Introduce less familiar content
  • Present a range of text types and graphic devices such as diagrams, maps, and tables
  • Introduce specialized and technical language
  • Encourage research opportunities with Think About It, Find Out More and Did You Know?

Next Generation Science Standards

Guided Reading Level K (20)
A River’s JourneyCracking , Sinking, and Bubbling OverHeating and CoolingHow Do Plants Grow Here?Killer PlantsMaking Work EasySaving the OceansWhy We Need Rainforests
Guided Reading Level L (24)
Amazing LifetimesDeserts of the WorldMonster MachinesRobotsSharing Our YardSide By SideSummer in AntarcticaWeather
Guided Reading Level M (28)
Animals of the African GrasslandsBridgesChampions of the Animal WorldDisappearing IceMajestic MountainsSilkwormsThe Changing Shape of the LandWhat Is It?

C3 Social Studies Outcomes

Guided Reading Level K (20)
Eleanor RooseveltLet’s Vote!Making Our Cities GreenWe Got Tickets!
Guided Reading Level L (24)
Could You Live Here?Ponchos, Parkas, and Baseball CapsReach for the SkySkyscrapers and Elevators
Guided Reading Level M (28)
A City GrowsBy Land, Sea, and AirThe PortWhen Disaster Strikes