Fluent Reading Stage

Levels K-M / 20-28

Texts at this stage:

  • Provide language structures of appropriate complexity
  • Introduce less familiar content
  • Present a range of text types and graphic devices such as diagrams, maps, and tables
  • Introduce specialized and technical language
  • Encourage research opportunities with Think About It, Find Out More and Did You Know?

Next Generation Science Standards

Guided Reading Level K (20)
A River’s Journey Cracking , Sinking, and Bubbling Over Heating and Cooling How Do Plants Grow Here? Killer Plants Making Work Easy Saving the Oceans Why We Need Rainforests
Guided Reading Level L (24)
Amazing Lifetimes Deserts of the World Monster Machines Robots Sharing Our Yard Side By Side Summer in Antarctica Weather
Guided Reading Level M (28)
Animals of the African Grasslands Bridges Champions of the Animal World Disappearing Ice Majestic Mountains Silkworms The Changing Shape of the Land What Is It?

C3 Social Studies Outcomes

Guided Reading Level K (20)
Eleanor Roosevelt Let’s Vote! Making Our Cities Green We Got Tickets!
Guided Reading Level L (24)
Could You Live Here? Ponchos, Parkas, and Baseball Caps Reach for the Sky Skyscrapers and Elevators
Guided Reading Level M (28)
A City Grows By Land, Sea, and Air The Port When Disaster Strikes